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Ask a Lactation Consultant

We asked you on Instagram some of your breastfeeding questions and Anna, a lactation consultant from WA, was so kind to answer them for us! Here is a list of your most asked questions with her answers and resources for additional information.

Gassy baby and Breastfeeding

-       Most babies are gassy from time to time, some worse than others. There are a few different reasons baby might be gassy 


My toddler pushed off my breast to stand up and now its throbbing and I have the chills 

-       Toddlers can be super busy at the breast and get distracted easily. If your toddler stops breastfeeding before your breasts have fully emptied you can become engorged which can cause your breast to feel tight, hard, tender and/or throbbing. Engorgement can then lead to mastitis which will give you flu like symptoms. 

-       If you feel engorged after your toddler/baby is done breast feeding, gently massage your breast and hand express until your breasts are soft and feel comfortable. 

 Best Way to Prevent Mastitis

-       Mastitis is usually caused by engorgement, inadequate milk removal or a clogged duct. Here are some ways you can prevent engorgement and Mastitis. Here are all the ways Kelly mom blog recommends how to prevent mastitis 


 If you exclusively breastfeed, how do you know if you have sufficient supply 

-       Questions about adequate milk supply are probably the most common questions I get as a Lactation Consultant. Breastfeeding can often be stressful when you don’t physically see milk going in your baby, but there are a lot of reliable ways we can check if your baby is getting enough. Kellymom Blog shares all the signs that baby is getting adequate amount of breastmilk



 How to keep your Supply up 

Breastmilk works like supply and demand, Nurse frequently and for as long as baby wants. Here are some more ways you can keep your supply up on Kellymom Blog 

Increasing Low Milk Supply •

First of all, is your milk supply really low? Often, mothers think that their milk supply is low when it really ...

 Best ways to prepare for breastfeeding before giving birth 

-       My number one recommendation to preparing for breastfeeding is taking a breastfeeding course before your deliver. These are often offered by the hospital your delivering at or your OB office. 


My baby will only eat off one side

-       Having a favorite side to breastfeed on is pretty common. One reason baby might choose favorites is become mom has a faster or slower let down on one side. Here are a few ways you can try and persuade baby to eat on the less preferred side. 


My baby pulls away sometimes while eating to cry 

-       There can be a few reasons baby is unlatching to cry. The two main reasons would be either fast let down or a slow let down. Here are some tips from Kellymom blog that can help prevent baby unlatching. 



After each feed, my baby is fussy. Am a making enough even if my baby is making weight gains? 

-       It can be super stressful to have a fussy baby after a feed. Here are some reasons your baby might be fussy. 


-       Check out the question above for signs if baby is getting enough milk. If baby is making gains, most likely your providing enough breastmilk. 

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