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About Hello Dahl Baby

“I want to wear my comfy pants!” exclaimed one of my two year old students after having a potty accident in her jeans. She grabbed a pair of soft leggings from her bin of spare clothes, and it was at that moment I realized children want to be comfortable moving and working throughout the day just as much as adults do. 

I hadn’t put much thought into that moment again until I started dressing my own child. Dahlia was only a few months old, but as I noticed her figuring out how to work her limbs while wearing her adorable - yet restrictive - little outfits, I remembered the “comfy pants” incident. I imagined what it must be like to have to master the movement of my own body but to be held back by what I was wearing. 


So I started to get intentional about what I put my daughter in. I observed her movements in every new outfit before giving her time to explore independently. Most outfits were great, and some were immediately put in a give-away pile. I made changes to what she wore as she mastered new skills like crawling - things like dresses were less frequently on her.

I love dressing my daughter, so I wanted whatever I put on her to be cute as well as comfortable. Curating her closet to fit these two requirements became a creative outlet and that was when I started to dream about Hello Dahl Baby. 

The goal of Hello Dahl Baby is to curate a minimalist, comfortable, collection of clothes from high quality brands. Hello Dahl Baby will be made up of items that are easy to mix and match to accommodate many outfit changes throughout the day. The Dahlia-tested, parent-approved durability of our products ensure they will be yours to love, wash, and pass down for years.

While shopping at Hello Dahl Baby you will see small collections of capsule wardrobes that I have put together with brands that I love and trust. At Hello Dahl Baby we believe that baby clothes should not only be cute, they should be designed with the child in mind. A child’s job is to explore, play, learn, and create, and their clothing should not hinder them. We want our clothes to be play friendly, mess friendly, comfortable, and stylish.

Colored Organics Footed Sleeper

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  • Love your story and drive behind your brand!! These basics are truly perfect for us basic minimalist! Can’t wait to watch you grow and support your dream!

    Dani-Rae Gonzalez
  • Congratulations on all that is happening with you and your family! Good luck! ❤️

    Nancy Britton

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