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Choosing a Paired Down Wardrobe for Fall

So let’s talk creating a smart and simple wardrobe for your little for this Fall! I have just begun to put some items together for my Dahlia to take us from the end of summer - beginning of winter. Here in New York City, that’s about 4 months. We are just about at that point where all of our gifted clothing from my baby shower and clothing that I have bought for Spring and Summer are either going to become out of season, or too small. I have a few key pointers in the process to make it easy and affordable.

It’s so easy to get swept up in buying baby/kid’s clothes (I literally feel like I never buy myself anything anymore, everything is always for the baby!) It definitely is more fun! But - if you’re like me, you likely have multiple giant tupperwares full of outgrown clothing that they sadly never wore, or only wore a couple of times. It can be such a waste to over purchase things for your little’s and it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing so.

Gender neutral items are the way to go. Not only are they simple and aesthetically pleasing, but they’re easy! Especially if you have multiples, this makes getting dressed in the morning super simple when almost anything matches. I also love to add a cute bow or a bonnet to change the outfit up a bit and give it its little pop of fun this way. I also try to keep in mind that we do hope to have at least one more baby in the future, so being able to use hand me downs for a potential different gender is also a plus.

Less is more. My key number is about 15-20 pieces.
7- sleepers. Hello Dahl Baby carries my favorite brands for sleepers! On warmer nights, we just use a onesie with her sleep bag. On cooler nights, we use footed pj’s. 4 pairs of pants, 5 rompers or dresses if you have a little girl. Rompers are my personal favorite because they’re easy to do diaper changes in, and I just find them to be really cute and fun. Last but not least, 2-3 sweaters. Last winter Dahlia had 2 and she basically lived in them!

Comfort and quality. Investing in higher quality items that can keep your little one comfortable throughout the day to avoid fussiness and multiple outfit changes is key. For example, this sweet little sleeper we purchased from Hello Dahl Baby is not only super soft, but also has a reinforced knee for your little one to crawl around in. Another thing to consider - less is more, so when you are doing multiple washes of an item, you’ll want it to be something that holds together well where you won’t have to worry about it losing it’s quality, especially if you plan to hand them down to future siblings or cousins. I try to look for materials like bamboo, organic cotton, etc.

Size up. This is a big one that I learned over time. I tend to buy sizes that are either the next size up and always pay attention to the fit details when ordering. This might seem obvious, but there were many times where I did not and things only fit for a small time. Especially with a young growing baby, finding items that will get you through that 4 month stretch can be hard, but it is possible.

I hope these tips were helpful! This is my own little guideline to myself to purchase smarter and sensible going into each season for my daughter so that things last longer and maintain their quality over time.

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