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Hospital Bag Must Haves

Wondering what to pack in your hospital bag when it is baby time? On Instagram we asked you, the experts, what the essentials were and here is what you said - 

- Baby book for footprints

- Long phone charger

- Chapstick

- Slippers 

- Nightgowns 

- Depends

- Blanket

- Jammies that are nursing friendly 

-Cereal, a thermos of milk, coffee, and a deli sandwich (personally my favorite suggestion)

- Frida baby witch hazel wipes

- Portable white noise

- SNACKS (just in case your hospital doesn't let your partner leave and come back because of COVID restrictions)

- Shower shoes

- Boppy pillow 

- Extra masks

- Going home outfit for baby

- Compression leggings and tank tops

- Hair ties

- Nipple butter 

- Little gifts for the nurses 

Any other suggestions? Leave them in the comments below! 

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