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Minimizing the Clutter and Keeping Your Kids Clothes to One Drawer.

Parenthood is hard. But I also love it. Which is why I try to make it easier on myself where I can, so I can enjoy it more! One of the things I have done to make it easier has been to simplify and declutter my kids' clothes. It all started with myself, I wanted to have less clothes but genuinely love every item. I started by having a default outfit: fashionable jeans and a black or white tee or top and then more outfits for special occasions from there. It makes getting ready so simple and easy and my closet isn't a mess. Why not the same for my kids? I do laundry on the regular, why on earth should my kids need more than 7 outfits? More than 2 jackets? My kids each wore a go-to pair of shoes plus maybe one extra anyway. So I got on a mission to declutter and get the kids' clothes to spark joy! 

    My kids' drawers were literally stuffed. I had so many clothes from well wishers and I appreciate all the intention behind the gifts but if I or my kids didn't love the clothes, I passed them on. Scratchy sweater from aunt Terry? Genuine thank you, but sorry bye! If it was a gift and I felt guilty about letting it go, I reminded myself it was a gift for me/my kid, and it was for us to do with it as we please. It is the intention behind the gift that counts and the person gifting would not want it to be a burden. I promise no one ever asks where that onesie is they gifted you. I suspect most of us keep a lot of the items we are gifted and think we need more than we really do when we have a baby. But all the clothes were cluttering up my day, my life, so I shed the fluff.  Now my kids each have 1 drawer in the dresser. I picked a few kids brands I like and mostly stick to buying new clothes from them. It simplifies it and the sizes align. The kids' clothes actually all fit folded in the drawers too, imagine that! We actually sold an entire dresser and now they have a sweet lil reading nook in one of the closets instead. How great is that?
    Think about your kids drawers... are they stuffed? Do you (or they) love every item? I urge you to shed the items you (and/or they) don't love or need. You might just find that it makes life more simple, easy, and fun. It is part of the reason why I love the concept behind Hello Dahl Baby, Ashley does the legwork and picks the adorable clothes for you! It is all super cute stuff and with an adorable staple wardrobe already picked for you, kinda like a personal stylist for your baby, life as a parent just got even better.
 Tracy, a fellow regular mom.

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