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The Story Behind the Name Hello Dahl Baby

Ashley spent her first five years out of college working in childcare with infants to preschoolers and studying child development, beginning as an assistant teacher and working her way up to being a director. 

Four months after Dahlia was born, Ashley started taking her to the office each day to work. Dahlia was a hit with the students at the center and they loved to interact with her. One day while Dahlia was napping, a two year old student came up to Ashley and asked her, “Where is your cutie Dahl Baby?” 

From that moment forward, Dahl Baby stuck as a nickname for the students, teachers, and Dahlia’s family members, and a business name was born.

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  • Hey girl! I think it’s super rad that you are taking on this chapter! Women in business run the world :) I’m spreading the word for you in my world – keep up the good work sister!

    Kenzie Fisk

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